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Everexam launched new, innovative & unique advertise facility.

” We offer two types Advertisement facility”
ads(A) Right sidebar Advertise

ads1(B) Cards Advertise

Specification of Cards Advertisement

  1. These advertise are very cheap.
  2. Advertise redirect to your link for product, brand or company.
  3. Eye capturing addvertisement.
  4. Target Advertisement – Choose exam according to your institution or brand.
  5. Always open(24X7).
  6. You can upload a attractive and interesting picture of your offers.
  7. All India Advertisement
  8. Student click on cards to reach their studymaterial. Therefore this is mpore effective and new Idea to advertise.

Advertisement in Right sidebar

Every page & post has Right sidebar except cards page. You can choose this option, If your business covers all student. Therefore this one of the most way to advertise with us.

Advertise With Us

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