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Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazine free download

Exams pattern has been drastically changed in last few yearsRecently UPSC exam held on 7 August 2016. More than half questions were based on current affairs. There is need to change your way of study immediately.

Our team has designed a full plan strategy to deal with Current Affairs we are providing free newspapers. Daily Current Affairs articles, daily current affairs quiz,Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazine.

Most of the Aspirants Ask Question Like

Q.1 What is the difference between Yojana and Kurukshetra.

ANS- Read our last post link

Why should i read Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazine ?

Yojana and Kurukshetra are detailed document on current issues, These are very helpful for mains answer writing as well as for prelims

Download Kurukshetra Magazines  2016

S.No Month Topic Link
8 August
7 July
6 June
5 May
4 April
3 March
2 February
1 January Empowering the Girl Child Download

Download Yojana Magazines 2016

S.No Month Topic Link
12 December coming soon Download
11 November Tax Reforms: Past, Present and Future Download
10 October Sustainability of the Handcrafted Download
9 September Women’s Empowerment in the Indian Context Download
8 August Power For All Download
7 July Water a precious resource Download
6 June India Strides Download
5 May Differently Abled Download
4 April inclusive growth and peace: Levers to
opening up regional economy
3 March Union Budget Download
2 February Health Download
1 January Education: Key to success Download

2015 kurukshetra magazine

S.No Month Topic Link
12 December Social Change in Rural India Download
11 November Panchayti raj empowering democracy Dowload
10 October Khadi and Rural employment Download
9 September
8 August Towards Financial Inclusion Download
7 July Rural Health Download
6 June Agrarian Policies and Programmes  Download
5 May Rural Drinking Water Download
4 April Rural Development Budget Download
3 March Woman Empowerment Download
2 February Rural Urban Linkages  Download
1 January Adoption of Technology in Agriculture. Download

Download Yojana Magazines 2015

S.No Month Topic Link
12 December Climate change and sustainability Download
11 November Transport Download
10 October skill development : scaling new heights Download
9 September Smart cities Transforming urban landscape Download
8 August Inclusive Growth and social change Download
7 July International relations a new Vistas. Download
6 June Alternative Medicine  Download
5 May Tourism Download
4 April Manufacturing Sector Download
3 March Union Budget 2015 Download
2 February Federalism and Indian Polity  Download
1 January Sanitation, Development and social change Download

2014 kurukshetra magazine

S.No Month Topic Link
12 December Rural and Urban Sanitation. Download
11 November Agricultural Finance Download
10 October Rural Employment Download
9 September Rural Migration Download
8 August Budget  Download
7 July Rural Technologies Download
6 June New Technologies in Agri-development  Download
5 May Agri Industries Download
4 April In-term Budget Download
3 March Rural Infrastructure Download
2 February Rural Development Schemes Download
1 January Panchayati Raj Download

Download Yojana Magazines  2014

S.No Month Topic Link
12 December FDI and International Trade Download
11 November Technology,Innovation and Knowledge economy Download
10 October Informal Sector Download
9 September Urban Planning Download
8 August Union budget Download
7 July Democracy and electoral reforms Download
6 June Indian Agriculture  Download
5 May Energy security Download
4 April Indian Economy Performance ,challenges and prospects Download
3 March Administrative Reforms Download
2 February Public Healthes Download
1 January Tribal and Marginalized Communities Download

Download Yojana Magazines 2013

S.No Month Topic Link
12 December Right to Food Download
11 November Land and Natural resources  Download
10 October Growth,Employment and poverty Download
9 September Education for all  Download
8 August Inclusive democracy Download
7 July Public service Broadcasting Download
6 June Environment and sustainable energy< Download
5 May Social Media Download
4 April Disability Download
3 March Union Budget Download
2 February Direct Benefit Transfer Download
1 January Good Governance Download 

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